Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ's)

How do I pay my monthly HOA assessment?

Pinnacle Management Company handles all fees, such as assessment dues, violation/fines, etc.

I would like to buy in this neighborhood, what is the transfer fee?

The transfer fee is $175.

Can I build a pool in my backyard?

Yes, in-ground only and you will need to fill out an ACC request prior to any construction.  I would highly recommend submitting an ACC request prior to any final plan/design of a pool.  This will help you down the road for any upfront expenses that you may incur and any decisions/questions that need to be answered.

How large of a storage shed can I have?

With approval of an ACC request, sheds can be no larger than 10'x15'x10' and must have shingles and paint that match the house.

How long does it take to get approval/denial on a ACC request?

The ACC Committee tries its best to have an answer within 96 hours excluding weekends. Proceeding without approval may result in removal of proposed improvement or a $300 fine.

May I have a boat or trailer?

Boats and trailers, including RV's are not allowed anywhere on the property with the exception that boats may be within the garage. Failure to comply will result in an automatic notice (209).

I would like to replace my fence, what do I do?

Replacing a few pickets, no ACC is required. If replacing entire fence, including posts, an approved ACC request is required. *Note: all new posts shall be metal post.*

What's the rules on roofs?

If just replacing a few shingles, no ACC is required. If replacing entire roof an ACC request is required.